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Join a community forging ahead with healing and preventing family trauma

Receive a guide that helps you #starttheconversation

In 2018, our Founder Lauren's family of origin experienced a significant shift. The shift made room for crucial, high emotional conversations to occur that made room for healing to begin both individually and collectively. Since the shift and the success of her Youtube Seriescoupled with her education and work as a licensed Social Worker, Lauren has developed a guide to help family members start conversations towards healing. 

In this guide, you will be able to identify patterns in your life that hinder you and others from having positive life altering conversations.


Take up Space-Facilitated Conversation

Once you're done with the guide and ready to have the conversation you with your loved one(s), LoveWell will hold space for you all to talk. Lauren will serve as the facilitator and set the tone for the conversation and the rest is on you...You got this! Now let's heal! 


Let's Start the Conversation

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